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Hello Future Me,

I'm writing you a letter, as you can probably tell by the start of this letter...but that's really besides the point, yes?
Yes, totally and utterly besides the point.
...don't give me that look. Bl
You KNOW you're smiling right now!
Ya, I heard that snort just then.
Love you as well, by the by. B)

Well I'm going to start with a few questions, just to get things started...

1. Whose your favorite anime character right now, is it still Russia? BETTER still be into anime. I swear. Even if I'm like...75 when I read this.

2. What did you decide to do after college? Am I a lawyer now like I wanted to be or something completely different?
I know that was more than one question, give me a break.

3. How many surgeries have I had since now, keep in mind that today is September 11, 2012 and we're fixing to have wrist surgery for the second time, so go from there.

4. Have you told the 'secret' yet? Yes, that one.

5. Is your favorite show still The Avengers, so is it something else? Explain!
...pfffft, I bet you still hate to see that at the end of a question. Explain. Trololololol.

6. How much do you get paid a year?
Hopefully it's still not nothing. XD

7. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, IS IT STILL PLAYING?!
This is a question that could potentially change the world, I hope the answer it yet. Oh lord how I hope the answer is yes.
...and if it is yes then you BETTER still be watching it. BI

8. How long did the dogs live...and how did they die?
Oh gosh, that's going to be an emotional answer, I just know it. I'm tearing up at the thought already.

9. Favorite Pokemon still Haunter?
I don't even need to ask this question of you, I already know the answer. B)

10. Who is are best friend now?
Lolol, hopefully we haven't turned into a recluse like I think we well.

Alright, enough with the questions, yes? Now for a few statements that I want you to know my future self.

1. You're amazing, it doesn't matter what anybody else tells you.
2. Keep trying, don't give up on what you want to do, EVER.
3. My favorite quote now and hopefully then as well 'Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars'
4. You will always be loved even after the 'secret' is told! Always.
5. You'll always be somebodies hero, mine, and thus your own.
6. Don't fake a smile. If you're feeling sad, show it, don't hide it inside like we did when we were younger.
7. Duct tape can't really fix everything, even though I know we wish it could.
8. Keep writing! The world in our head needs to be shown to the everyone, we both know how magnificent it is.
9. Remember that cancer can take away loved ones, but those loved ones will always be with us in memory.
10. Never forget to tell mom that you love her, everyday if possible...and if it isn't, then at least think it, because she is one of the greatest people who will ever be in our life, and we need to cherish her.
(we better cry when we read this, because I know we did when we wrote it)

Know I want to do a 'which do you like more' part, I'll put our answer in brackets below what the answer is right now, so, which do you like more…

Cats or Dogs
(Dogs…please don't answer Cats…PLEASE)

Night or Morning
(Night…I really hope I don't turn into a day morning person, they're so annoying)

Gray or Blue
(Gray, this answer is important…I just don't know how yet, but YOU MIGHT)

History or Math
(History, hopefully we still think math is the spawn of the devil)

Hetalia or Someboringadultshowthat'sboring
(Someboringadultshowthat'sboring…No…but seriously, Hetalia all the way broski)

Spiders or Bugs

I'm going to have a little serious paragraph here for us to reminisce on in the future. I hope that we can remember the people that helped us through everything we went through, from the heart surgery to the brain surgery and all the things in the middle. They all love us, truly they do…even if after some things that might happen…that I KNOW will happen…they don't really show it. It's not our fault though, never will be our fault, remember that. We always have ourselves. You always have me. Never forget what really matter in life, to find happiness with yourself. If other want to tear you down for it, then screw them, really, just screw them. You already know people who accept you for you, and if some others later on can't, they're not worth our time.

So, I think that's about all I have for you now Adult Me (I don't know if that should be capitalized or not but maybe you will), so if the zombie apocalypse still hasn't happen yet (because we both know it will) and you get to read this and answer the questions I hope they're as good as I think they will be.

Like a Boss,
My Teenage Self
This is for the contest that's going on right now, where I write a message for my adult self, here goes ~
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Gloombloomgurl Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
that my friend was so inspiring here! i am like 21 here yo! but u show like true potential here i mean never give up on what u like or beliweve!
and Yus Viva la heatalia! (:iconfangirlplz:)
TerrilovesGakupo Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
You made me laugh and cry.

I want to see what your answers are in the future too.

Question 3, "How many surgeries have I had since now?" at the rate your going, it may be difficult to count that high.

Question 4 & Statement 4 No matter what the Secret is, Your Aunt Terri will always love you unconditionally. If it is something you want to talk to someone about you know where to find me. Or we can talk when we're at the anime convention, if you want to.

I also think math is the spawn of the devil.

I will never be to old to like anime, or cartoons in general.
Sports3388 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
I'm going to go grammar Nazi on myself in the future for not re-reading this to fix the mistakes. XD
Matutolypea Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student Writer
XDD Grammar Nazi FTW!! XD But what a great letter :'D
Sports3388 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Pfffft, thank you. <3
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